2015-2016 School Year

What is Aeries?

Who needs it?

Parents Students Teachers Staff
Most Aeries.NET
More Portal Portal
Some Portal Aeries.NET

The Problem

The day to day management of a school district is a complicated process. To provide the most effective education to our students there are a lot of moving pieces that must be accounted for. Attendance records need to be kept track of, reports need to be prepared for the state, enrollment numbers need to be tracked, how many meals are needed, grades and transcripts tracked, parent and guardian contact information must be kept current, course descriptions, course prerequisites, student class schedules need to be balanced, are all the student’s graduation requirements going to be met, do the students all have all the classes they’re going to need to get into university, and the list goes on.

Enter Aeries

The Aeries student information system (SIS), is the student data management tool used by HBUHSD to store all essential student, teacher, class and district information. It’s responsible for the day to day bookkeeping necessary to run the school district. Information like student demographics, attendance, health, course history, transcripts, teachers, teacher schedules, class sizes, course prerequisites, state daily attendance reporting, family contact information, and much more.

Aeries has a Parent/Student Portal that provides a view onto some of that information for parents and students and it provides a few classroom organization tools for teachers, but it’s primary purpose is to organize and assist the district in running day to day operations.

Portal vs .NET

The portal provides parents and students with a view of their information that’s stored in Aeries. Users have to register for an account using an email address and then they prove who they are by attaching to a student using 3 pieces of private information. This protects the student record but allows parents and students to use personal email addresses to create accounts. The details for how to register are on the Aeries Registration topic page.

Parents also have the ability to add contact information, check schedules, report card grades, attendance history. It can also be used to verify your information during the data verification window.

Teachers have a slightly different portal view that they use to enter attendance, report card grades, and manage other student information that they need for their daily work.

.NET is the office view of the information where staff can manage the different pieces of information that pertain to schools, students, teachers, schedules, pull reports and anything else that might be required.


We take our student information security seriously. Users are only granted the permissions they need. Student information is never given out without expressed permission or without verifying the identity of the person requesting the information.


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