2015-2016 School Year

What is Canvas?

Who needs it?

Parents Students Teachers Staff

The Problem

Change in technology is a fact of life and if the last few years are any indicator, it’s only going to speed up. With the incredible speed of change comes the problem of how to manage these tools without getting in the way of teachers when it comes to the small details and bookkeeping. After all the technology should be an aide, not a barrier!

In Steps Canvas

Canvas is a Learning Management System developed by Instructure. The primary focus of a learning management system is to help organize the wide array technical tools available to educators and students in one place. Canvas brings together tools like Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, video conferencing, discussion boards, live chat, and much more and presents them in a way that allows for centralized management so teachers don’t have to spend time on the details. In the case of Canvas, HBUHSD Information Services has the ability to automate many of the bookkeeping operations in coordination with Aeries and Google Apps for Education so that teachers can devote time to the classroom instead of spending time managing resources manually.

Learning management systems are quickly becoming a necessary tool to help teachers wrangle and effectively utilize the wide range of software applications that are out there in a way that makes the most sense in the classroom.


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