2015-2016 School Year

Aeries Data Verification

Completing the Data Confirmation sections on your Aeries Parent Portal is a new method to completing the paper “Back to School” packet that is distributed and completed yearly. There are six sections to complete; some may require you to edit information, or check boxes, or to print & sign a form. You may complete all six sections of the Data Confirmation in one sitting, or you may finish one section, “Save” the edited information, log out and return to the Data Confirmation screens to begin where you left off.

Not Registered?

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How To

  1. Sign into your Aeries account.
  2. In the top menu bar, hover over Student Info to expand the drop-down menu.
    Student Info
  3. Roll down and click on Data Confirmation in the Student Info menu.
  4. You will now begin the Data Confirmation steps:
    1. Student Demographics - Read and review each entry in the Student Demographics section. If changes are needed, click change at the bottom and make changes. Be sure to click save when done. Now click Confirm and Continue.
    2. Contacts - Read and review each entry in the Contacts section. To change contact information, add a contact, or delete a contact, click the appropriate button. Enter all requested information and click Save at the bottom. When finished with all contact information, click Confirm and Continue.
    3. Medical History - Read and review each entry in the Medical History section. Make any updates to existing medical conditions and add any additional information by clicking on the appropriate selections. Be sure to click Save. When finished with all Medical History, click Confirm and Continue.
    4. Final Data Confirmation - Click on the Submit Final Confirmation button to finish this confirmation.
  5. After you click the Submit Final Confirmation button, click on the button, Print New Emergency Card. Print, sign and date the card and bring it to Edison High School to pick up your student’s registration packet. Registration packets will only be provided to parents who bring the signed and dated emergency card.


Send them to portaladmin@hbuhsd.edu!