2015-2016 School Year

What is MyClasses?

Who needs it?

Parents Students Teachers Staff

The Problem

The fast pace of modern technology has started to change the classroom in profound ways. As our teachers and staff adopt technology to supplement their classroom instruction, the complexity of all these programs working together increases. Integrating these systems together in a way the helps our learning community maximize the potential of these new technologies is a complex problem. We want to provide the best tools for our educators and students without the tools getting in the way.

Here’s an example of we mean: You have a student that’s taking 5 classes and would like to check on their assignment grades in that class. The problem is, one teacher is using Aeries to keep track of grades, one teacher is using EasyGrade Pro, and the other three are using the Canvas Learning Management System. You don’t have a way of finding out which teacher is using which system without checking all three for each class! That’s horrible!


This is where MyClasses comes in! When you log in to MyClasses, the program goes and finds all the information for your students grades and assignments from all the different systems and presents them to you in one place so you don’t have to guess where it is! This way our teachers and students are able to use the best tools available to supplement their classroom instruction and we are able to provide parents and students with a single place to monitor progress!

So why do we need Aeries or Canvas?

Aeries and Canvas solve different problems. Aeries holds all of the office information for students. It’s responsible for the day to day bookkeeping necessary to run the school district. Aeries has a Parent/Student Portal that provides a view onto some of that information, and it provides a few classroom organization tools for teachers, but it’s primary purpose is to organize and assist the district in running day to day operations. To learn more about Aeries check out the FAQ topic!

Canvas is a Learning Management System that helps our educators supplement classroom instruction by integrating many different technologies together in a way that makes sense for a classroom environment. To learn more check out the FAQ topic for Canvas.


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